Barn Rules

Ashwood Farm Barn Rules

Ashwood Farm


Barn hours are from 8am to 9pm. Any boarders requiring access to the barn outside of
those hours are asked to make arrangements with management or their trainer. Holiday
closures are posted. Access during holidays must be discussed with management.

Boarded horses are required to have spring and fall immunizations. Proof of
immunizations are required. Failure to provide documentation of immunizations on an
annual basis by June 1 and November 1 will result in removal of your horse from
Ashwood Farm.

Bi-monthly worming is required for all horses. Those who do not contract with Ashwood
Farm to provide worming ($18/worming) are required to provide the empty tube of
wormer with the horse’s name and date written on the tube.

Boarders/Clients will be charged for any excessive damage incurred to Ashwood Farm
property by themselves or their horse(s). This includes, but is not limited to, damage to
the stalls, arena, grounds, or other barn areas.

All individuals riding or working with horses must wear appropriate footwear (no open
toed shoes) and riders under the age of 18 are required to wear a helmet when mounted.

Helmets must be worn by all individuals when jumping.

Boarders/Clients are not to feed horses extra grain or hay. This can result in dismissal from the bam. If you have concerns regarding your horse’s diet, please contact the management and appropriate changes can be made. Do not change the feed cards on the stalls without prior discussion with management.

Turnout is provided based on appropriate weather and footing conditions. Boarders are
not permitted to turnout their horses at other times. In order to maintain the pastures,
certain pastures/paddocks are closed periodically. Turning horses out in restricted areas
can result in dismissal from the barn.

Boarders/Clients are asked not to feed treats or enter stalls of horses other than their own
unless approved by the owner of the horse.

Board is due on the 1st of each month unless otherwise arranged. Board payments
received after the 10th of the month are considered late and subject to a 10% late fee.

All boarders/clients are required to keep track of their own equipment and clean up after
themselves. This includes the farrier’s room, wash areas, arenas, tack room and lounge.

Please attempt to hose/bathe horses in the driveway to avoid flooding of the aisle.

Remove all manure from the driveway, aisle, etc. Do not clean out trailers in the

Boarders/Clients are expected to be considerate of arena use with other riders and

Each boarder has one locker per horse. Leather items may be kept in the tackroom. All
other items must be stored in the lockers. If more storage is required, please speak to
management. Baskets on the stall fronts are for medications/supplements/fly spray.
Items such as brushes, towels, etc are to be stored in your locker. Ashwood Farm is not
responsible for items left in baskets, nor for any tack or items lost, stolen or damaged.

Any individual riding or involved in horse related activities at Ashwood Farm are
REQUIRED to sign a Hold Harmless Agreement. If the rider is under the age of 18 a
parent or guardian must additionally sign.

Children under the age of 18 must be under the supervision of an adult while riding or on
the property.

Any boarders picking out their own stalls are required to empty their muck buckets on the
manure pile at the north end of the bam.

Boarders are required to provide any special grain, feed or supplements at their own cost.

Checks returned NSF will be subject to a $50.00 fee.

Boarders/Clients are expected to turn off lights and close doors when they are finished
including the stall lights.

The refrigerator in the tack room is available for use. Please remove unwanted and
spoiled items on a timely basis, and be respectful of items belonging to others.

The back apartment is not available for boarder’s/client’s use.

NO smoking anywhere on Ashwood Farm property.

Do not intentionally ride on the lawn, garden or flower beds. Trail riding must be limited
to Ashwood Farm owned property. Do not take your horses on adjoining properties
without permission of those owners.

Do not bring pets of any sort to the farm without prior approval.